Everyday life in the grid-locked streets and smog-choked air of Beijing

Beijing’s most famous post-punkers P.K. 14 played their first show of 2012 at Yugong Yishan last weekend. We had only seen them play in Norway before, actually twice, so it was fun to finally see them live in China. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the same vitality as they used to have (years back). They didn’t even seem to have any good new songs. Either that or “post-punk” is just bullshit to us now.

We were more ecstatic about one of their support bands, Skip Skip Ben Ben from Taiwan, which sounded super (and hazy) and had a great guitarist.

Check out the track “Sand” from their newly released 2nd album “Sacrifice Mountain Hills”:

There’s a really nice old restaurant next to the Drum Tower which serves simple traditional food. It’s actually a pretty clean place by Beijing standards. No cigarette butts or spit on the floor!
We had two bowls of super spicy wonton soup and steamed jiaozi (dumplings) with crunchy tops and crab meat filling.

Address: 鼓楼东大街309号

Our two new friends from Ghost Street, Jenny and Jennifer. Finally someone to talk to about fruit, colors and animals and stuff. We improved our kindergarden chinese and they improved their english.